About Me

I’m a mid 20s (as of 2019) Chinese male living in the U.S and plan on using this site as a way to keep an archive of my personal thoughts and things I enjoyed reading/watching.

My interests primarily revolve around reading, listening to podcasts, working out, and watching movies but like everyone else, I spend a lot of time wasting the day away on my phone.

Email: tsonthenose(at)gmail(dot)com

Some of my favorite posts I’ve done:
Letters from Nazi Germany? A Counterfactual – After watching Clint Eastwood’s Letters from Iwo Jima, I wondered how an alternative movie centered around Nazi Germany would be received.

Assessment of John D. Rockefeller, Capitalist & Philanthropist – My opinion on Rockefeller after reading Chernow’s great biography. Unsurprisingly, I think he’s incredibly misunderstood and I use our opinion of Bill Gates as a frame of reference.

The Wire, Goodhart’s Law, and the Baltimore Homicide Unit – How The Wire seamlessly portrays the perverse incentives facing the Baltimore Police Department

The Culture of Narcissism – My Thoughts on the Book – How Christopher Lasch’s book on narcissism is more relevant than ever in the current social media age.